Pigs will fly! Horror meets humour in Pigsodus - an epic action adventure RPG.


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Join Horace Oinkstein in an epic quest to save his kind in this beautiful, classic, action adventure RPG. There is no place for boardom in a world where alternative reality makes you think twice about your environment, animals fight for world domination and fairy tails with a curl meet science fiction. Fight, sneak or talk your way out of trouble, leading a hero shaped to suit your game style.



Game Specific

Genre RPG / side scrolling / platformer / adventure

System Requirements

Processor requirements2 GHz

Memory requirements2 Gb

Storage requirements1 Gb

Become the bacon of hope!
Join Horace Oinkstein in an epic quest to save his kind in this beautiful, upcoming, action adventure RPG.
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Game features

Pigsodus is a unique 2D, story-driven RPG where you play a pig trying to avoid traps, bacon-loving people, and freezing in the great outdoors.

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  • Unique RPG enviroment
    Distinctive Environments
    The contemporary world is a dangerous place that offers a lot of unique challenges for a pig. From trying to stay warm in frozen Alaskan forests to discovering the secrets of weather-changing HAARP, you’ll never expect what will come your way next.
    Pixel art upgrades and mechanics
    Original levelling
    We love upgrades and abilities that really change gameplay! Expect an achievement-leveling system that combines flawless with three unique skill trees for a play-as-you-like style of gameplay.
    AI opponents in
    Progressive A.I.
    You’ll have to work twice as hard as our pig protagonist to defeat our A.I. Learn faster than your opponent and see beyond his pattern or you’ll just wind up another piece of bacon on the stove.
  • RPG with magic, science and excellent storytelling
    Compelling story
    We’ve written a hilariously scary story complete with dark humor, aliens, absurd dialogues, pigs, humans and the occasional wolf or two. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll never look at pixelated pigs the same again.
    RPG pixel loot system
    Items and crafting!
    How could we call our game an RPG if didn’t include tons of interesting loot?! We’ve developed a rich, intensive open-crafting system where every ingredient is useful from beginning to end.
    Heroic difficulty adaptable system
    Heroic™ system
    We want you to constantly be challenged, which is why we’ve developed a unique non-linear difficulty system to keep you on the edge! You’ll be measured on your success and trials will arise to make sure you always feel challenged.
Pigcel art graphics!

  • RPG with amazing artwork
  • Beautiful pixel art landscapes
  • RPG pixel art screenshot
  • Hand crafted graphics
  • RPG with amazing artwork
  • RPG with amazing artwork
Coming to
Pigsodus RPG coming to Kickstarter early 2016