7 unique features of Pigsodus.

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude for the warm feedback we got lately. Thank you so much Internet people! You are amazing and thanks to you our resolve is similar to Conan’s .

We have also received a lot of questions in a following fashion :

“Yes, you play a pig saving other pigs. That’s cool. But what makes this gameplay any different from the hundreds or thousands of RPGs with the same objectives of exploring, leveling up, and surviving threats to your life?”

Well. To begin with there are certain similarities that you cannot escape.

Like thousands of other RPGs Pigsodus is a long set of numbers stored inside a silicon based computing machine. Like other games it features leveling, exploring, talking to other characters and such.

Yet unlike most games our game will have some unique gameplay mechanics.

We decided to let you in on an ultra classified inside design document on how those various mechanics in Pigsodus are going to work :

Unique features of the game Pigsodus



Consequences? The world will be vast and you will have to actually explore it in order to find something. Walkthroughs and wiki pages won’t help you much. This is a part of our no-alt-tab needed policy.


Our character development system features no hit points! Yes, you heard it right. You can be wounded and every wound functions differently. You can take an arrow in the knee! Or a bite to the face!

We have three skill trees planned – Way of the Fox, Way of the Toad and Way of the Boar. Skills are acquired via our quest and achievement system Hogventure.


Our NPC manager system. Features a disposition matrix. Every character you meet can end up helping or harming you. Theodore Cleaver does not sleep and takes action while you play – rallying his supporters and gathering his assets. The longer it takes you to complete your objectives the more time your enemies have to prepare.


Crafting system of Pigsodus with a focus on consumables. Every ingredient and component will be useful throughout the game. We’ll explain the inner workings of this system in next week blog post.


Combat takes place in a swirling cloud of dust. You have to type and press buttons faster and wiser than your opponent in order to win. Fast pace guaranteed. You can read about it here.



As a pig you will often rely on your nose. Pushing the Snout toggle engages the Snort view which is an entirely different world, full of smells that lead you to secret places or warn you about dangers lurking ahead. Every object containing useful information will be highlighted using our special shader which as you can see is under heavy development and right now is good only for inducing a shroomlike hallucinations.



In Pigsodus you will have the opportunity to perform Grand Feats – achievements that will unlock skills. They will require preparation and careful execution and will function as mini quests. What’s more they will be generated partially in a random fashion to decrease repetitiveness. There will no quest arrow in our game. We’re going to limit frustration by letting NPC provide helpful hints if you are stuck for too long on a particular quest.